The Mark of the Beast Explained

What will happen in 2016?

There are many prophetic events that will take place in the next few months. During this time the gospel will be clearly presented to every living person on earth. Each person will decide either to worship and serve God or to worship and serve Satan. Jesus will judge each person on earth. Those who choose Jesus will be completely delivered from the power of sin.

Many of us are used to living halfway to God. We profess to worship Him but we only do it half-heartedly. Our affections are partly with the world and partly with God. The time is upon us when we must make a whole-hearted decision one way or the other. Our affections can no longer be divided. God desires our whole heart.

The great tribulation will soon take place. People will be forced to decide whether or not they will worship God by resting on the Sabbath day that God blessed, the seventh day of each week.

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