The Mark of the Beast Explained

What is the Mark of the Beast?

The mark of the beast is a combination of letters and symbols that will be physically and permanently placed on your forehead or right hand. Most people will consider it an honor to receive the mark. It will be like a key for them that will open doors of acceptance, prosperity and peace.

The mark of the beast will be placed on people who worship the beast and choose to receive his mark. There will be severe penalties for refusing the mark and great rewards for getting it.

Worship the beast and get his mark

The mark of the beast will be enforced. The people who believe in the beast and worship him will be glad to get his mark.

The beast is not a person or a human organization. The beast is Satan himself. But when Satan comes as the beast he will appear in a glorious body. People will not recognize him as the Devil. He will claim to be God and most people will believe that he is God.

The mark of the beast is an outward, physical symbol, showing that the wearer has chosen to worship the beast and receive him as God.

Mark of the beast a symbol of worship

When two people get married the wife will often take the last name of the husband as her own. The husband and wife will both wear a wedding ring as a symbol of their marriage. Likewise, people will take the name of the beast and will wear his mark as a symbol of their allegiance to him.

There will be six hundred and sixty six different ways to get the mark.

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