The Mark of the Beast Explained

Lucifer, Satan and the Devil

Lucifer, Satan and the Devil are three different names for the same angel. Lucifer refers to this angel when he lived in heaven. Satan and the Devil are names for this angel after he became evil and came to our earth. The Bible uses many names for Satan. Read the names of Satan to find more of his names.


Lucifer was created by God as a perfect angel. He was called Lucifer while he lived in heaven. After he sinned and persistently refused to repent he was thrown out of heaven. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven he lost his name Lucifer and he became known as Satan. The history of Satan tells his story.

Satan and the Devil

Satan is the name that is used for Lucifer after he was thrown out of heaven. He is also called the devil. Satan is now a sinful, fallen angel. He has lived on this earth for about 6,000 years. But Satan has lived in the spirit world and most of the time he has not been visible to people on earth. Very soon the devil will leave the spirit world and will appear on earth in a visible form. Then he will be called the beast.

The beast

The beast is the name that the Bible gives to Satan when he comes to earth visibly and claims to be God. Satan will appear on earth as a glorious, visible being. He will have the appearance of God. He will require the whole world to worship him as their god.

To learn more about the beast read who is the beast?

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